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Bespoke Rugs

A FAZO rug is a work of art. It's synonymous with luxury, elegance and style. We are proud to be part of a heritage that has been handed down generations.

Formed with the purpose of making special “tailor made” rugs so you never have to settle for the ordinary.

The Project endeavours to create unique experiences through unique designs.



FAZO Project is a collective of accomplished design individuals and highly skilled artisans. Blending the age old craft of rug weaving with the constantly dynamic design world, we strive to bring a fresh perspective through our work.


We emphasize on superior design, high quality raw materials and exceptional finishes. Our speciality is to develop and weave collections for our clients according to their specifications. We employ a personalised approach to each of our projects, working closely with our clients for a deep understanding of their requirement at an elementary level.

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The main raw materials used at FAZO Project are
wool, silk, cotton, linen and jute. These natural materials are either hand spun or machine spun into yarn which is used to craft the rug.


The pile, using these materials, is woven on the warp and weft foundation usually made of cotton.

Learn more about our materials:

Needless to say, these natural fibres used by us are Earths renewable resources. All our production is conscious and mindful.

Our customers have complete access to our creative and manufacturing assistance as well as our extensive design bank. We undertake custom assignments for architectural & interior projects, hotels, retail, commercial and residential spaces.


With over five decades of rug making
as a family, we are strongly rooted in tradition and the beautiful art form of rug weaving.

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